Certificate Workshops

These workshops are broken down into 2 sections, Observing and Astroimaging. We highly recommend new members to first participate in the Observing workshops to gain a better understanding of the night sky objects.


Binocular Challenge
Learn how to navigate the night sky with binoculars.
Explore the Universe
A program for the new astronomer covering all major astronomical objects, including constellations, bright stars, the Moon, deep-sky objects, and double stars. The program can be completed by observing with the unaided eye and binoculars, but a small telescope may be used as well. The EtU certificate is available to all, whether an RASC member or not.
Explore the Moon
A beginner-level program based on the RASC Observer’s Handbook lunar observing content, intended for those starting to observe with binoculars and/or telescopes.
Messier Catalogue
Take a stroll through astronomical history as you follow Charles Messier’s 18th-century journey through the northern skies. His famous list of 110 “not comets” includes some of the most spectacular objects visible from mid-northern latitudes.
Finest NGC Objects
A slightly more difficult list for the experienced observer, developed by SkyNews Magazine Associate Editor Alan Dyer. The Finest NGC Objects includes a further 110 objects, mainly from the New General Catalogue.
Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program
The RASC’s lunar observing program for intermediate-to-advanced observers. It includes a comprehensive list of the best features visible on the surface of the Moon and detailed observing notes and explanations that will guide you through a complete tour of the amazing surface of our nearest neighbour in space.
Carl Jorgensen Double Star (Deep Sky)
A new observing program developed by Carl Jorgensen for our Centre. There are 300 objects in total to find and discover. Certificates will be handed to our members after logging 100 (Bronze), 200 (Silver) and 300 (Gold) observations.
Deep-Sky Gems
A lengthy list containing many interesting, plus a few challenging, objects for all observers.
Deep-Sky Challenge Objects
These 45 objects challenge even experienced observers and require the use of both small wide-field instruments as well as large aperture to complete.


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