Townsend 2023 Event Poster

How will we reach the Stars? The 2023 Townsend Public Lecture, Sept 30th

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Saturday, September 30th at 7:30pm EDT in Penfield-204 at John Abbott College. Enter by the Casgrain entrance, 15 rue Maple in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

Can we ever go to the stars? Recent advances suggests that the first interstellar probe—almost certainly robotic—could be launched mid-century and people alive today may live to see the return of images as probes flyby the nearest extrasolar systems. This talk will discuss the pioneering research at McGill University associated with missions to the nearest stars—the most difficult journey possible.

Dr. Andrew Higgins is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University, researching interstellar flight with an undergraduate-student-based research group.

RASC Montreal Members & JAC students are invited to a special reception before this annual keynote event.